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50 Ways to Leave Your. . . .Dinner Date?

Posted at Aug 24, 2016 8:00 am

Of course you wouldn’t ditch the guy you met on Even if he is boring you to tears. Well-mannered women don’t do that kind of thing.

dinnerBut there is a time for manners and a time for safety. And it never hurts to be safe.

Sure, it’s as unlikely that a horde of armed assassins is going to crash your date as it is that Mr. Not-Quite-What-You-Expected is going to try to kidnap you. But humor me.

When you walked into the romantic restaurant, did you happen to notice were the exits were? Not the door you just entered through, but the other exits? Did you count them?

Flight attendants always admonish the passengers to know where the nearest exits are. “In some cases, they might be behind you,” the perky professional fliers remind everyone. In case of an emergency, you’ll be glad to know where those exits are.

The same is true for every building you walk in to. Once, while at a writer’s conference, the sirens went off and the hotel was evacuated. As my roommate and I hoofed it down 12 flights of stairs, you can bet with each breath we were uttering thanks that we’d taken time to find the exits before we needed them.

Most martial artists will tell you that they hate sitting with their backs to the doors. Frankly, it makes us edgy and uncomfortable. Likewise, I generally feel compelled to look for alternate exits to rooms and buildings that I enter.

Knowing the exits gives you an edge. Even if you only use it to keep you and your date from running into the office gossip, who just entered the restaurant and is making a beeline for your table.

And if, by chance, a sexy hero slips you a note and tells you to get it to the nearest police station, you’ll be able to summon your inner spy and help him out.

Um . . . you do know where the police station is. . . don’t you?

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