Kelle the Writer


She first began writing in 1999 as a hobby. It quickly became a second career. While she believes her writing skill is a God-given talent, she credits her writing success to an incredibly supportive network of professional writers, friends and family members who make it possible for her to pursue her dream.

“I’ve come a long way since I wrote, produced, directed and starred in a time-travel play in fifth grade,” she said. “But that was probably the first time I took the dreams in my head and put them on paper.” Over the years various teachers encouraged her. “I am so grateful for them. The confidence I built during those years is what keeps me writing.” In a business riddled with rejection, confidence and perseverance are critical.

She says one of the best things she did for her writing career was to join RWA (Romance Writers of America) and Sisters in Crime (SINC). “The national organizations, my critique partners and chapter members transformed me from a wordsmith into a storyteller.” These days, she spends every spare minute dreaming up stories and writing the adventures of her characters. From prines to spies to the girl-next-door, she has something for everyone.

Married for more years than she cares to reveal, she finds her inspiration in her real-life hero of a husband. “In fiction, the hero sweeps the lady off her feet and vanquishes evil villains. But in real life, lets face it, a hero sweeps crumbs off the counter and vanquishes piles of laundry. Without his help, I’d never have time to write.” He also patiently shares her affection with dozens of fictional heroes and believes that, on some level, they are all a reflection of him.

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