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Advertising Vs. The Average Girl

Posted at Dec 21, 2016 8:00 am

My mother’s love of Swing Music, Big Bands, the 1950’s Crooners and Broadway Musicals formed the basis for the sound track of my youth. Needless to say, the rock-n-roll loving kids in my high school thought I was weird.

But, buried in the lyrics to those songs, lurked a lot of life lessons. The refrain from one song still offers good advice:

music“You’ve got to accentuate the positive. . . eliminate the negative. . .”

In a culture where the media harps on our flaws (and offers miracle “fixes”), we could use a little more focus on the positive. Consider the list of flaws you can see highlighted in an average evening of watching TV. Cellulite. Unsightly fungus-ridden nails. Dry, flakey skin. Dandruff. Acne. Thinning hair. Freckles. Frown lines. Age Spots. The list is endless.

We’re bombarded with negatives. Is it any wonder most of us are an angst-ridden mess? (Oh, and there’s a cure for that, too. Just send $19.95 plus shipping and handling to . . . )

No self-respecting heroine of popular fiction would waste her life lamenting her freckles—or a dimple of cellulite. She may pause to wonder if the hero finds her attractive, but she usually shrugs off her worries and puts her best foot forward. She knows how to accentuate her positives—even if she’s faking it.

We could take a life lesson from a confident heroine.

For years the negative attribute that worried me was me less than blinding white smile. Due to medicines I’d taken as a child—and genetics—even the strongest bleach won’t give me the white smile the media insists I deserve. So, I approached my dentist about having veneers put on my teeth After explaining the process, including advantages and disadvantages, she said something that I’ll never forget.

“You have pretty teeth,” she said. “They have a very nice shape.”

Shape? The shape of my teeth was nice? Why hadn’t the media told me that beautifully shaped teeth were an attribute? Why had they only focused on the impossibly white color I “should” have?

Why hadn’t I seen the positive?

Recently I heard about a woman who looks into the mirror each day and focuses ONLY on her positive attributes. She runs through a mental checklist of what’s good about the girl in the reflection. I’m sure she’s in the minority when it comes to that. Most people look for the negatives when they scan themselves in the mirror.

But she learned—like the heroine she is—to look for, accentuate, the POSITIVE.

So here’s your challenge: take a look at yourself, your life. What’s positive? Focus on that for a few minutes each day, building the habit of looking for the good in yourself, instead of the negatives. Once you’re in the habit of accentuating your positives—drop me a line and dare to share!


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