Career Development

Marketing Yourself

From students looking for a first job, to executives looking for a new position, to candidates for office, everyone can benefit from successful marketing skills. Calling on the techniques she used to break into the world of publishing, Kelle highlights the power of Patience, Persistence, Networking, and the importance of “branding” yourself to introduce you to the basics of self marketing.

First Impressions, Lasting Images

Scientist and author Dr. Kelle Z. Riley shows you how to make those critical first impressions project who you really are. When meeting a new employer, do your hands sweat? Do you stammer? Have you ever forgotten a sales pitch in front of a critical customer? What do you do when all eyes are on you? Kelle can top all of your embarrassing stories with a true story of her own. How do you turn a faux-pas into a positive statement about you and your abilities? Come to this workshop and find out. Everyone from students to job seekers should learn these skills.

Dreams, Goals and Habits

Do you want to write a best selling novel? Become a household name? Earn a living through your creative efforts? No technique or habit can guarantee success, but dozens of little decisions can guarantee failure. What’s standing in your way? How do you move past it? How do you break through writer’s block, bounce back up after a devastating rejection, or keep on track after a bad review? Your answer can be the difference between success and failure. Explore techniques to keep your career on track.

Career Self Mentoring for Writers

Do you ever wish a more experienced writer would take you by the hand and show you the tricks to drafting and revising a manuscript, writing a synopsis or query letter, breaking into publishing, or marketing your book? We all long for mentors but few of us know the tricks to finding the right mentor for each stage of our writing career. Using techniques gleaned from her business and management experience, Dr. Riley shows you simple techniques to find and benefit from mentoring relationships.

Public Speaking for Shy Writers

If the thought of doing a public book signing, teaching a writing class, meeting one-on-one with an editor, or—heaven forbid!—giving a keynote speech or other talk to a large audience makes your knees knock and sends you diving for cover, this is a seminar for you! Co-presenters, Dr. Kelle Z. Riley and Mr. Michael Charton know all about the terrors and pitfalls of public speaking and are how to overcome them. They are willing to bare all by sharing both their most embarrassing public speaking moments and their techniques for overcoming fear, just so you can learn from their experience. Simple techniques for speaking are outlined in the basic course. This workshop includes membership in the Public Speaking for Shy Writers Facebook group, which is always there to answer your questions as they arise. Keep an eye out for other installments in this fascinating series of hands-on workshops.

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