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Posted at Jul 20, 2016 10:18 am

music“Do you have a muffin top, a muffin top, a muffin top? Do you have a muffin top that sits above your waist?”

When I was eight, my father took me shopping. I fell in love with a pleated skirt—red and blue plaid on a cream background. It made me feel like a princess. But not for long. As I cut the tags from my new skirt, I saw one word that changed everything. “Chubby.” A children’s clothing collection for not-so-tiny girls.

I never wore the skirt. But I wore the label of chubby from then on. I was no longer myself—the creative, energetic, funny child. I was the fat girl. Years—and diets—slipped by as my weight and self-image took one roller coaster ride after another.

One day, I dared to make a change. What if—instead of buying a new dress as a reward when I lost weight—I bought something that made me feel fabulous? Now. Not later.

When I stopped worrying about the size on the tag and bought clothing that fit and flattered, good things happened. My muffin top disappeared, taking decades of negative self-image with it. I stopped beating myself up so much. I started to live life now, instead of waiting for the day when I’d be thinner.

I still wanted a stronger, healthier body. But I stopped treating my diet and exercise as a punishment and started looking at it as a life choice. Part of that choice was to look and feel my best every day—with my current body.

clothes Finding a flattering style and the right fit was the key to finding confidence. People responded positively to both the confidence and the new style. (Some of my favorite new stores include Chico’s, and Soma,

The truth is, the fashion and entertainment industries bombard us with “perfect” bodies, creating impossible expectations for real humans. The harder we strive for perfection, the more it eludes us. Isn’t it time we started being at least a little bit happy with what nature gave us?

In my favorite stories, characters fall in love with one another—flaws, scars, bumps, lumps and all. They don’t love each other in spite of the flaws. Nor do they love each other because of the flaws. They simply love each other, and all that makes the one they love unique. My fictional heroes and heroines bring out the best in one another and—at least by the end of the story—they gain confidence and self-acceptance as well as love.

So next time you reach into your closet—STOP. Dress yourself in confidence before you slip into the layers of clothing. Because we all know, there’s nothing sexier and more attractive than a confident woman. In any size.

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