On Z Road

From Some Exotic Locale…

Posted at Dec 2, 2014 7:42 pm

Hi! Want to have some fun? Travel without leaving home? I see you over there—standing beside “Z” road, wanting to stick out your thumb and hitch a ride while I go on one of my adventures. Well—what are you waiting for? Pick up that empty packback and let’s fill it with some fun and make some memories.

We’re all on the road to somewhere. Sometimes it’s a place: a city, state, country, or continent we’ve never visited. Or one we’ve seen but never tire of revisiting. Or we may be “on the road” to reaching a goal: learning a new language, graduating from a course of study with our heads stuffed with knowledge, or maybe writing down our own stories. And sometimes we’re just on the road to being better, happier, more fulfilled people. No matter where the road takes us, there will be stories to share.

So put on your comfy shoes (or boots or even bare feet) and join me On Z Road.

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