Kelle the Scientist

kelle-scientistDuring the day “Dr. Kelle Z” is a Ph.D. chemist responsible for developing innovative water treatment technologies. A recognized specialist, she holds multiple U.S. patents, is the author of numerous technical publications, and is an informative and entertaining speaker on the topic of water science.

Initially, none of her heroines were scientists, since she preferred to keep her science job and her writing job separate. But over the years, the voices in her head wore her defenses down. Now, she is in the process of creating a new cozy mystery series with—you guessed it—a scientist sleuth. And while her sleuth gets into scrapes and adventures that most real-life scientists will never see, she uses her wits—and her logical deductions—to save the day.

Her colleagues (current and former) provide an endless supply of inspiration. “I frequently cast coworkers as characters in future novels. You’d be surprised at the unusual plot twists they have inspired,” she admitted. While none of her co-workers were murderers (to her knowledge) or victims (she hopes), they nevertheless leant characteristics to some of the fictional characters she’s created. If you think you see yourself in one of her works, don’t worry—she wouldn’t dare cast you as a villain. (Or would she?)

Asked if she would rather be remembered for her contributions as a scientist or as an author, she admits the decision is a difficult one. “People are always impressed with, and sometimes a little in awe of, a scientist, but the only thing they can share with you is the difficulty they had in chemistry class. On the other hand, almost everyone can identify with an author. They either tell me about their favorite book, or they tell me about the one they want to write.”

If you are a scientist (or just a lover of science) check the website frequently for her “science call outs” which are your opportunities to contribute to future books!