Kelle Z Riley: The Tiger’s Tale — A Reading Group Guide

Warning! These questions contain MANY spoilers.
If you have not already read the book, do not read these questions.

1. In The Tiger’s Tale chemist-turned-spy Bree Watson finds success in her new career, but also discovers it isn’t everything she’d hoped it would be.
a. Have you ever achieved a dream and found reality wasn’t as wonderful as you’d dreamed it would be?
b. Did you regret spending time chasing the goal?
c. Do you think this always happens when one achieves a desired goal?

2. Bree thinks her assignment as a temporary instructor at the local university will go smoothly, but it quickly gets complicated.
a. How do you manage unexpected complications?
b. Do you think Bree made the right choice when she decided to help solve the murder?

3. Bree not only juggles teaching in a new environment. She also takes on the responsibility for an exchange student and an exotic pet/mascot.
a. Have you ever mentored someone?
b. Have you ever taken on a job that takes you out of your comfort zone? How do you handle it?
c. Are you open to new experiences?
d. How far would you go to protect an innocent animal?

4. Throughout the series, Bree travels frequently for her job, sometimes to exotic places.
a. Do you enjoy travel?
b. What is your most scary travel story? Your funniest? Your most emotional?
c. Do you think travel helps you see the world from someone else’s eyes? Share an experience where you stepped into the shoes of someone completely different from you (background, ethnicity, nationality, religion, etc.). What did you learn from it?
d. Where would you like to see Bree go on a future assignment?

5. Bree struggles with the attentions from exotic, forbidden Matthew and stable, boy-next-door James. Who do you think she should end up with? Why?