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Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Relax?

Posted at Aug 3, 2016 10:45 am

An author’s life is glamorous, fun, exciting. Between deadlines we have lots of fun running off to The Hamptons and other luxurious locals. It’s . . . No wait, that’s an episode of the TV show “Castle,” not a real author’s life.

shampooCertainly not mine.

Here’s the thing: I’m no busier than anyone else. We’re all pulled in a thousand directions every day. Young mothers juggling dirty diapers, a day job and trying to keep a marriage meaningful. Single mothers with multiple jobs and babysitting woes. The sandwich generation worrying over mom’s latest health scare while shuttling teens to sports practice and wondering if they can feed the family frozen pizza again.  The list goes on. . .

‘Fess up. Aren’t there days when shampooing and styling your hair seems like just one more chore? When shaving your legs doesn’t even make it to the top ten list for weeks (at least in winter)?

Stressed-out book heroines manage to tough it out through the worst life can throw at them. Some even make it look easy. How’s a real woman to measure up?

Of course we can’t. But like a plucky heroine, we can make the best of challenging situations. For example: my long thick hair tends to be unruly. No conditioner can prevent my wet snarls and it takes forty-five minutes to blow it dry. I used to dread the chore.

hairdryerThen I took a hint from a fictional princess. Her life was divided into required activities and prohibited activities—with no options in between. She coped by changing her attitude and taking control of her thoughts.

I tried her method and reframed the dreaded hour with the blow drier as “me” time. Instead of lamenting how long it took, I focused on how much I liked the color and texture of my hair as it dried. I savored the scratch of the comb against my scalp. I made sure to slather on luscious body lotion before picking up the drier so my skin had time to soak it all in. And I let my imagination wander. When the hour was up, I left feeling refreshed and looking reasonably well kept.

So linger in the shower for an extra sixty seconds. Take thirty more to add your favorite body lotion. And let the frantic rush to get ready each day become a time to enjoy the moment—even it is, literally, a moment.

Who knows? You may decide to shave those legs this morning, after all!

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