Christine Glover invited me to speak at her local chapter. Before—and after—the talk we spent many hours eating great food, drinking wonderful wine, and talking about plots, characters and our writing into the wee hours of the night.

One of my favorite memories of Alabama was meeting the warm and welcoming members of the Heart of Dixie RWA group. I entertained them for an hour with my “Creating Kick-Butt Heroines” and practical self-defense workshop. Thank goodness the talk was within driving distance from my home (at the time), since I took an assortment of martial arts weapons that would fill a suitcase and make a TSA agent cringe.

Montgomery Area

My nephew received his MBA from Auburn University. He’s busy balancing his climb up the corporate ladder with his attempts to raise the next generation of Tigers fans (especially those who love Aubie the Tiger). So far, it’s working out for him!

Other Areas

If I haven’t been able to visit your region of Alabama, I’d love to! Please see my list of workshops and contact me.

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