Ron Rice. We went to the park and—even though I’m usually camera shy—we managed to have fun and get great photos. And the cherry on top of that cake is that my brother-in-law (who, sadly, has passed on) actually built the wall that serves as the background for some of my favorite shots.

I used to enjoy the riverfront in Covington, KY, where my sister lived for a time (she also had a home in Falmouth—which is known for its tobacco industry). The Covington condo was quite lovely. Nearby you can visit the aquarium and other sights in Newport, although, when I was a student across the river at the University of Cincinnati, Newport had the reputation of being home to strip clubs. It just proves that any place—and anyone—can change for the better.

One day, I hope to visit the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. My brother and his wife—who love horses—promise to pick a good time for us to meet there and have some fun!

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