Julia Quinn took me away from the fear, uncertainty and loneliness of being stranded far from home. She made me smile—and laugh out loud—despite the chaos outside my hotel door.

That—my friends—is the power of books. I hope all of you have a list of favorite authors. The ones you can count on to give you a break from the stress of real life. And as honored as I’d be to be on that list—it doesn’t matter who is on it. Only that you have it. If, by chance, you pick up one of my books and find it sweeps you away from the world for a while—then thank you for letting me into your world. I promise I’ll always strive to be worthy of your time and money.

So, in summary, my time in North Dakota wasn’t exactly memorable for fun reasons. I’d like to change that. So if you have a writer’s group or a book club, won’t you invite me to come to your next event? I can also do FaceTime or Skype chats with your group or an internet class designed especially for them. Please see my list of workshops and contact me. Let’s build some happy memories together.

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