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Leverage Your Passions, Sell Your Story

Ever wonder how your life long passions, interests, and hobbies can supercharge your writing life? Discover the secret of leveraging your life long interests and turning them into platforms that springboard your writing career to the next level as Kelle Z Riley shares the story of how she leveraged her passions and turned them into powerful engines to propel her writing career forward.

 You Write What?

Face it—when you’re an author, actor, speaker, politician or other public figure someone is going to take you to task for what you do. This interactive workshop features a discussion of the most embarrassing, difficult questions a writer can have and gives tips on how to assess the questioner’s motives and respond appropriately. A must for all published authors and aspiring authors, regardless of genre.

Most Classes Run for 1-2 Hours and Can Be Tailored for the Individual Class Needs
In-Depth Seminars and Classes On Any Listed Topics Are Also Available.
Other Topics Available.
Library and Other Discounts Available
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