Research/General Interest Track

A Day in the Life of a Writer/Book Discussions

Readers often wonder what it’s like to live the exciting life of an author. If you’re interested in chatting with Kelle about the general life of a writer—or if you want to host a book club meeting dedicated to one of Kelle’s books, you’ve come to the write place. She loves to chat with readers. If you live near Kelle, or if you are in an area she’s going to visit, consider scheduling a book/author talk for your group.

Glamour and Grunge: Secrets of an Industrial Chemist

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a scientist is like? Far from bubbling potions and bizarre discoveries, it is more likely to involve climbing tall industrial towers or delving into pits to inspect equipment, navigating the slippery slopes of a sludge encrusted waste plant or uncovering the secrets of how your favorite soft drink is made. The back corners of the local manufacturing plant could be a great place to set your next mystery or romance. Learn telling details that add realism and tidbits that make the lab setting sizzle from Ph.D. chemist, multi-published science author, and U.S. Patent holder, Kelle Z. Riley as she shares her knowledge of science and love of writing in this informative seminar.

Poisoned Pen

Lucretia Borgia gave this method two thumbs up! Find out how to poison your characters with common household chemicals. Dr. Kelly Z. Riley will guide us through the “killer contents” of our homes and show you how to research the “right” poison. This seminar includes a look into a poisoner’s garden. How does your garden grow? Join Kelle for an eye-opening view of the commonplace. Have we got a poison for you!

Getting Away with Murder

In this educational and interactive workshop, Dr. Kelle Z. Riley combines the best of chemical poisons, convenient accidents and deadly weapons (taken from her years as a martial arts expert) to discuss ways to kill and get away with it—hypothetically, of course. Appropriate for writers and readers of all ages.

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