Safety and Women’s Issues

Women and Violence: the Fiction and the Facts

From the parables of the Bible and Aesop’s fables to modern fiction, storytelling is a mechanism to share basic truths. In a discussion of her novel Dangerous Affairs, author Kelle Z. Riley highlights the psychology behinddomestic violence, and debunks the myths that relegate it to a certain race, religion, or income level. She also discusses ways women can empower and protect themselves.

The Ugly Side of Love: Dating Violence, Awareness and Prevention

Dr. Kelly Z. Riley explores common myths that can pave the way to relationships built on violence and control rather than love and trust. It highlights some warning signs that characterize controlling partners and discusses behaviors, beliefs and boundaries that foster healthy relationships. Targeted especially for teens and young adults this seminar also focuses on how awareness can help to build strong communities.

The Savvy Woman’s Safety Guide

This seminar is aimed at developing safety awareness for today’s savvy woman. Drawing on her extensive martial arts training and safely teaching, Kelle discusses ways to increase your safety awareness and how to take action if necessary. Every modern woman needs to hear the contents of this seminar. Tips for finding an effective self-defense course are also covered.

Safety at Any Age: The Savvy SENIOR Woman’s Safety Guide

Tailored specifically for today’s older women, this seminar incorporates the fundamental principles of the original Safety Guide, but with an emphasis on the special needs, skills and limitations women may experience as they age.

Mom & Me Safety

This workshop discusses basic safety awareness geared for the grade school set and their moms. Third degree karate black belt and self defense instructor Dr. Kelle Z. Riley teaches simple awareness tips and everyday physical moves that will help keep your little ones safe. As a karate instructor, one of Kelle’s favorite responsibilities was teaching the littlest of students. This seminar also gives tips for finding an effective and appropriate class for those who wish to begin a course of martial arts study. It also covers building a safety mind set and culture for growing children. Join in the fun.

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