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Splurge on a high quality professional haircut.

Posted at May 24, 2017 8:00 am

I know, I know. You can get a bargain hair cut for under $15, or even less if you keep an eye out for specials and coupons. Or maybe your best friend, sister-in-law, or dog groomer is OK with giving you a trim. And while my dog-grooming best friend did cut my bangs for me when I was in need, I try not to make a habit of asking her to do it.

Trust me on this one. You deserve a high-quality, professional cut. At least once in a while.

In books, a heroine’s “unruly hair” often charms and delights the hero. Her “stubborn curls” or “lamentably straight locks” (or whatever the antithesis of the current fashion is) always work to enhance her—at least in the eyes of the romantic male lead.

scissorsIRL (in real life) unruly hair or stubborn curls are often code for damaged, dry and frizzy hair. Lamentably straight could also be code for tangled, heavy and falling-in-my-eyes at the worst possible times. Or put another way—IRL hair can be a pain in the—um—neck.

A trip to the stylist could solve a number of issues. First, she (or he) will help you assess the best products to be using on your hair. (Don’t fall for the illusion that you need salon products. In most cases, you can get the same ingredients in over the counter brands if you know what you’re looking for.)  Second, your stylist will—or should—advise you on a cut that works with your hair, not against it.

dryShort, curly hair may benefit from simple shaping. Longer hair may need texturing or layers to keep the illusion of length while adding some of the convenience of shorter hair. (Reduced drying time, anyone?) Stylists can smooth, thicken, curl or crop hair with equal ease.

Once you find the styles and colors (be honest here—many of us help nature along) to flatter you, you can return to your “bargain” hair salon. The stylist there will do a great job of maintaining your look. Remember, stylists at the chain hair cut shops have the same training—initially—as stylists at more expensive salons. Depending on their passion, they may or may not keep up with trends. What the usually don’t have is the luxury of time to consult with you in the same way as the pricier salon.

At least once in a while, don’t you deserve the luxury of a stylist devoted to your best look? At a salon where the shampoo, blow dry, and—if you’re lucky a glass of wine—is included in the cost of the cut?

You’ll walk out feeling like the heroine in your own life! And who doesn’t deserve that?


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