Writer’s Craft Track

Creating Realistic Kick Butt Characters

What’s the difference between being imprisoned in the iron grip of a villain vs. a hero? What moves can your FBI heroine use to subdue her quarry? How can he turn the tables on her? This seminar explores techniques and attitudes you can use to create a sense of danger, and to make heroes, heroines and villains behave in realistic, compelling ways. Calling on her third degree black belt and years of self-defense training and teaching, Kelle explores not only how to create realistic characters, but offers tips on keeping yourself safe as well.

Advanced Writing Seminar (multiple week course)

This course, typically conducted in the electronic classroom, features in-depth coverage of writing techniques to draw readers into the story, make believable characters, tighten a sagging middle, keep a crisp pace and more. Limited class size encourages maximum interaction between students and the instructor. Homework assignments allow you to try out the new techniques and receive one-on-one feedback from the instruction on ways to effectively incorporate the lessons into your work.

Adding IMPACT: Power Tools to Take Your Craft to the Next Level

This 1-2 hour overview of several popular workshops serves as an introduction to new writers on various craft topics to move your work from amateur to professional.

Picking Up The Pace

A seminar for writers and aspiring writers, award winning author Dr. Kelle Z. Riley discusses ways to keep agents, editors and readers turning the pages. Topics include ways to use “standard” techniques (point-of-view, description, dialogue, “show don’t tell,” editing) in surprising new ways. This session includes hands on writing exercises designed to help you break out of the pack and into print.

Walking off the Page: How to Bring Characters to Life

Strong characters make lasting impressions. From princesses to policemen memorable, believable characters are the key to making readers (and editors) come back for more. Learn techniques to create multidimensional characters that come to life for you and your reader.

Emotional Intensity: Drawing the Reader Into The Story

In romance writing, emotion is king. From sizzling love scenes to declarations of undying love, the key to reader satisfaction is providing a believable, emotional experience—even if you haven’t “been there, done that.” Learn to look inside yourself to find the key to writing effective emotion in any setting. How can a nice writer like you channel murderous rage into a villain? You’d be surprised!

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore: World Building Basics

The world your characters inhabit can be as much a part of the story as the characters themselves. Learn to effectively use the writer’s toolbox to build believable, enticing worlds, whether your story takes place in the suburb next door or the dark underworld of an alternate universe. Examples will show how setting can enhance everything from characterization to plotting.

Not Your English Teacher’s Point-of-View

Nearly every writer knows what point of view is, but few know how to use it to empower stories and seduce readers into craving your next book. In this seminar, Kelle explores the power of Point of View (POV) and shows how mystery, romance and popular fiction writers use POV to raise the level of their craft.

Dialogue Basics.

How does dialogue differ from conversation? Isn’t is supposed to mimic real life? Examine the differences between speech and dialogue to uncover hidden reasons why your manuscript or story may be being passed over by editors and readers.

Pitch with Power; Query with Confidence

This workshop discusses the basics of selling your story ideas to an editor, agent or producer. Author Kelle Z. Riley teaches you the 3 basic levels of pitching, how they differ and what they have in common. She also includes examples of successful pitches and a template for writing the pitch-perfect query letter. For writers of all skill levels.

Introduction to Romance Writing

Are you thinking about writing a romance novel? Ever wondered why they are so popular and successful? Do you think you have what it takes to write one? (Or do you think they are so easy anyone could write one?) Take the introductory quiz on this genre then sit back and see how romance-savvy you are! The course covers the basics about commercial romance fiction, including sales and readership statistics and techniques for crafting a satisfying manuscript.

Writers’ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

This fun twist on a craft workshop helps writers tap into their unconscious creative power through the use of magic spells, influences and imagery which ultimately enhance the storytelling process. If stories are the ultimate magic, aren’t you, the writer, the ultimate maker of magic?

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