Writer’s Life Track

Time Management for Writers

Developed for writers who also hold other jobs, this seminar explores the things that may be holding you back from being published and how to tackle the enormous task of having a successful writing career without sacrificing your day job or your sanity. A must for everyone who wonders what’s holding her back from success.

Lessons I Learned in my Writing Career

An amusing look at some of the realities of writing and publishing, this seminar explores some of the first lessons learned in the course of a fledgling writing career. Some lessons are expected and others new but all are presented through a young authors’ eyes. The seminar ends with a twist guaranteed to help you remember the tidbits of knowledge for weeks afterward.

Courting the Editor: Adapting to Changes in a Writer’s Life

Every author goes through numerous changes from writing that first sentence to the first draft to the debut novel. This interactive seminar likens the process to dating and uses some of the same skills to help the writer keep her perspective and humor about her as she travels the demanding road of her writers’ career. Beginning or experienced, unpublished or multi-published, everyone can identify with the events discussed here.

Career Self-Mentoring for Writers (Multiple Week Electronic or Intensive Weekend On-Site Workshop)

Writing is a solitary task. Sure, you can do it in your PJs but eventually you find yourself longing for the days when you had someone to take you by the hand and help you learn new skills. In other words, you sort of miss your old boss. But you don’t need to trade your bunny slippers and PJs for heels and a suit just to get the benefits of a traditional workplace. Instead, be your own boss and your own mentor. This workshop is designed to help writers identify the different stages of career development and to show them how to get the advice, encouragement and support they need in every stage from beginning to advanced and beyond, despite the solitary nature of the career path.

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